Titus 2 for Life published its first book!

My book cover
Thirty years of speaking in schools and churches nationwide made it possible for Linda Bartlett to hear the stories and observe the evidence that motivated the writing of
The Failure of Sex Education in the Church:
Mistaken Identity, Compromised Purity

This is a catechism for parents, pastors, teachers, those struggling with sexual temptations, and everyone who is concerned about the sexualization of children.  The book is based on Lesson Two, “We Have Identity,” from the Titus 2 Retreat Study Guide.


Titus 2 for Life funded the book and all proceeds are returned to Titus 2 for Life.  Linda is presenting the topic of this book in congregations across the country.  Every presentation is followed by a panel of pastors who join with Linda and the audience for dialogue about the created order, biblical manhood and womanhood, and a lifestyle of purity for male and female  in singleness and marriage.

God does not call us to be sexual.  He calls us to be holy.
Baptized in Jesus Christ, we are sons and daughters of God.

To learn more about the book, please visit Our Identity Matters.

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