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Grandparents and Abortion

(brochure) #117T ($ .25 each)
Grandparents of preborn children can make a positive difference when they respond
with God’s love.


Called to Remember

(Bible study) #302BS(S) ($ .75 each)
Leader’s Guide #302BS (free)
When men remember their role in God’s Story as protectors and servant-style leaders, the world becomes a safer place for women and children.


Common Sense for Pro-lifers

(brochure) #201R ($ .25 each)
Practical, helpful and encouraging suggestions for the Christian contemplating pro-life work
and witness.


From Heartache to Healing

(Bible study) #401BS ($4.85)
This series of four lessons is for individuals, pastors, and congregations who desire to minister to the needs of those who suffer the aftermath of an abortion choice. The prologue to this study is somewhat dated, but the content – based on God’s Word and true stories – is timely and hopeful.


Dressing for Life: Secrets of
the Great Cover-up

(Bible study in a reproducible PDF format) ($15)
Ten lessons include: Fig Leaves Aren’t Enough, Jesus Covers Our Shame and Embarrassment, Embarrassment on a Windy Day, Worldviews in Conflict, My Body My Choice… or Is it?, Is Clothing a Language?, The Look and Behavior of Love, Beauty at Any Price?, Living the Presence of God, and The Perfect Dress. The author, Linda Bartlett, says, “The ideas discussed in this Bible study will seem strange and new to many girls and even moms. But, when we look to the Father God and Creator of our bodies, we will begin to make better choices. Healthier and more hopeful choices! We will bring glory to Jesus Christ rather than to ourselves.”


Dressing For Life

(brochure) ($ .25 each)
This brochure includes T & F statements for young women to consider privately or discuss in youth group, with moms, or Christian mentors. Also included is what God has to say about a woman’s clothing, behavior, and influence on men and society. This brochure may be ordered directly from the author by e-mailing


Men, Women and Relationships

(Bible study) #901BS ($10)
We often talk about building a culture of life, but what does it look like? Upon what is it founded and how is it built? How does God’s view of men, women and relationships differ from the world? What are the consequences of our choices? What hope is there in Jesus? This 12-lesson Bible study (complete with leader’s guide and reproducible student pages) is a helpful tool for college students, single adults, husbands and wives, parents, pastors, and those who work with family life ministries or serve at caring pregnancy centers. The study is appropriate for individuals or small groups, in the home or at retreat. Topics include: Modern Man and Woman, The Sexual Revolution and Abuse of Sex, The Impact of Abortion on Society and Relationships, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, Heroes in a Culture of Life, and Bearers and Defenders of Life.


It’s You and Me, Lord

(booklet) #730B ($2)
This wonderful little “gift” booklet helps children understand “what a wonderful thing it is to be alive – to be God’s child – to know His everlasting love.”


Into His Loving Care

(booklet) #902B ($2)
This devotional booklet is dedicated to all the mothers and fathers who have lost a child through miscarriage or stillbirth. “It may seem as if God is far away at such times of sorrow,” writes the author, “but He knows ever sparrow that falls. How much more He must care for you and me… and our little ones.”


Into His Loving Care : Bajo Su
Cuidado Amoroso

(booklet) #902BS ($2) (Spanish version)


Not Alone

(booklet) #901B ($2)
This devotional booklet is an encouraging and helpful gift for caring pregnancy centers or congregations to give single mothers. Who mothers the mothers? God does.


Ventilators, Feeding Tubes, and Other End-of-Life Questions

(booklet) #800B ($ .25 each)
Author Linda teamed up with Karen Rehder, M.D., to answer tough questions for individuals, families, and pastors such as: What about extraordinary treatment? What if I’m a burden? Are food and water extraordinary care? When is enough enough?


The Failure of Sex Education

(booklet) #601B ($3)
Two models exist for sex education. One is God’s model of purity, chastity, and modesty. The other is the humanist model as designed by Alfred Kinsey and used by Planned Parenthood and others. Which model is your public or Christian school using? How should parents be involved? What questions should parents ask?


Generations of Hope for
Generations to Come

(booklet) #906B ($2)
Today’s young people say, “Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I’ll understand.” This resource can serve as a tool to help build a bridge between generations, an encouragement for pro-lifers, a motivation for parents in a new century, a promise to the faithful, a reason to take heart! We are called to pass on the truth of what God has done in our lives. Because of Jesus, people change, and changed people change the culture in which they live.


Joseph and His Rib

(brochure) #905T ($ .25 each)
Mary was pregnant, but Joseph was not the father. The world, as Joseph knew it, had collapsed around him. He felt betrayed, hurt, angry. Joseph had nothing to hang on to – nothing, that is, except the Word of the Lord.


Why Not Just Live Together?

(brochure) #607T ($ .25 each)
How do we respond to such popular statements as, “I won’t know if it feels right until we try living together first.”


More Than Sex Can Say

(brochure) #609T ($ .25 each)
A love that is more than sex can say is the forever love of marriage that begins with friendship and grows old in trust.


Purity, Mystery and Modesty

(brochure) #903T ($ .25 each)
Children are entrusted to parents by God. Parents need not be intimidated in their role as teachers for they have been equipped for the job. The Bible contains everything needed to help sons and daughters respect themselves and others, understand why men and women are equal but different, resist temptation, and protect human life from the moment of conception.


Mystery of the Mixed Message

(brochure) #610T ($ .25 each)
Too many adults who should know better give a mixed message of “safe” sex to boys and girls. This brochure gives the clear message that “saved” sex points away from trouble and toward a future of hope.


Fig Leaves Aren’t Enough

(brochure) #612T ($ .25 each)
The culture tells girls and women to be “comfortable with your body.” Besides, after working hard to create a sexy body, why would a woman want to keep it hidden? But, why did God, the first “fashion designer,” clothe Adam and Eve? In what way does Jesus “cover” our shame and embarrassment?